Currently in an offer with a buyer on a short sale which I explained b4 going into it to buyer, that it can be time consuming on awaiting a close date. I tried taking on a listing that was in this situation a couple of years ago, but vowed to never do it again! LOL/ I came to the decision if I take another listing of this sort, I will get a profession negotiator involved or a short sale attorney.

The negotiations with the bank can be both very time consuming and frustrating(depending on the bank).  From a buyer's view, it can also be a great deal as the possibility of a below mkt value with instant equity is a distinct possibility.

The other thing the Buyer has to realize is that the seller more than likely will not correct any issues brought up by inspections as they have no money to do so. It's certainly still a viable part of the Central Ct market, and I assume will continue to be, given the fact that people who purchased between 2005-2009 when the mkt was inflated need to sell now for whatever the reason may be.