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My Network consists of an approx 400 name database that I methodically send out personal notes to and because of being in the 17th yr of my Profession, it allows me the opportunity of referrals. I always keep building on that database thru Open house attendees, website sign ins, new clients, etc.

I also have an email database of approx 1000 that I send out an ecard to monthly. Whether it be newsletters, Happy 4th of July, or just listed or just sold, it keeps me in their mind as someone to suggest or go to for real estate needs.

Social Media plays a big part in my Networking. I am on them all, but I would have to say that Facebook is the number one source to stay in contact with my Sphere of Influence. Snap Chat is a great way to have "face to face" relationships and meet other Realtors to build referral relationships with. Linked In is a great platform for professionals and is different in my opinion then other social sites because of the clientele there.

I have adopted a suggestion as of late that was brought up in a recent seminar that I attended of "belly to belly" contact of as many people as possible during the week- the speaker suggested 20 per week althogh I know I'm still working on that qty! LOL! I met with an Attorney friend last week and had lunch, ironically he said his business had slowed recently & he decided to go out and meet and greet, to do the same very thing.

Recently , I joined a billiards playing group that meets on friday, and once they find out you're in real estate the questions/concerns fly! So, absolutely, Networks are a valuable pc of the puzzle and they can also be lots of fun to build and maintain.

I've developed a number of friends, as being clients, over the years and stay in touch religiously, not solely for the reason of referrals, but in Life Friends, especially Good ones are a Blessing..... Happy 4th! & Summer!