So, after having the best year of my Career in 2016- I had to ask myself what do I do in '17 to top it??

Difficult question, I answer ( yes, I talk to myself quite often) as I consider myself a very devoted Realtor, working the business 24/7. It is my passion to help people and have said more than once that I have the Utopia of life, doing what I love for a profession!

Thought I'd share some of the thoughts I have to in fact to top 2016, as I am also a big believer in sharing what works, in the event that it might help someone else out in the universe with their Career and aspirations.

  • Blogging is a great way for expression and at the same time enhancing SEO for websites, Name recognition, and cross learning.
  • Social Media, I listen to everyone(Katie Lance, Gary V, SnapPack for Real Estate group on FB, Onionjuice podcast,  just to name a few)  and everything time allows on this game changer in marketing and sales.
  • I never put a stop to learning- investing time in webinars
  • Constantly "touching' my Sphere of Influence.
  • More Community involvement, great way to build new relationships and gain new Friends!
  • Video Blogging as Video marketing is here and now-we see it with Snapchat, FB live, Instagram, You Tube, etc

Time is our most precious commodity, and with Daylight being one hr longer as of today, it allows more of it, so enjoy!