Currently in my 17th year of "Real estating" and have had my first experience of being a Seller and a Realtor at the same time, this past week.  I've always experienced the emotions of a seller but to be one myself has really hit home as they say! 

My wife and I have owned, & operated a Horse Boarding/ Riding Facility for the past approx 20 years. We found the right Buyers for the Facility and low and behold are closing on Monday to finalize. The nice thing is that it will keep right on running as such a facility with the new owners. 

But, getting back to the Blog topic, it certainly is quite different being in the "driver's seat" of the position of  Seller. Part of us are estatic that we found the correct Buyer, after many years of soliciting for such a person. The other part, the roller coaster of memories, struggles, and overall change is quite the experience.

It certainly is a Learning lesson for me that sometimes, not all the time, given the circumstances, that  

Selling is not that easy for Mr/Mrs Seller!